About Us

About Us

A one-stop youth service center for young people 16-24 seeking to advance their educational, career, and life goals.

The REACH Center at Tacoma Community House

The REACH Center is a partnership project of Tacoma Community House.

Our Mission

At The REACH Center, our mission is to equip and embolden young people to achieve success in education and employment through a strong network of dedicated partners. The REACH Center promotes effective use of resources, and enhances collaboration with youth and community partners, and offers a unified voice in advocating for systemic change in how young adults participate in their economic future.

Our Values

As a team of people focused on the mission of serving young people, we are:

  • Always choosing love over fear
  • Healing focused
  • Empowerment based
  • Willing to change
  • Fun & relational
The highest impact we can have is through the transformation of individuals.

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Your contributions will be used to assist young people as they achieve success in life.